You Know "Just Winging It" Doesn't Work...

Kick-Start Your Year with Clarity, Confidence, and the Growth Plan That Will Transform Your Business!

Two-Day Virtual Business Transformation Retreat, January 3 & 4 | Space is Limited - Register Now!


Create a Success Plan That Will Give You the Edge, the Confidence, and the Tools You Need to Grow Your Business Next Year! 

  • Do you want to start next year knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to grow your revenue and your business?
  • Do you wish you could have the clarity, focus, and power to connect all the dots in your business and design an exciting profit path for next year?
  • Do you want to uncover the ideas, insights, and opportunities to experience real growth in your business?  

Then join me and a small group of coaches and entrepreneurs on January 3 & 4 for a truly transformational experience, as I personally guide you through my unique business-planning process to create...  

... the most PROFITABLE and FOCUSED year ever!!  

“Get Your Year in Gear”, a 2-day Virtual Business Transformation Retreat January 3 & 4, 2019

A Guided Business Growth and Planning Experience

Experience the Freedom of Knowing Where to Focus Your Time, Energy, and Attention for Maximum Impact in Your Business Next Year  

Over the course of two days we'll design your business and marketing strategy and plan your 2019 to get your year in gear.  

Here's what we'll be doing during this virtual retreat:  

  • Uncover any gaps in your "profit path" and lay out your revenue streams
  • Set clear and achievable goals for your business 
  • Discover the roadblocks that cause "friction" and stop your business from experiencing real growth
  • Identify the important strategic shifts you need to make to succeed next year
  • Dive deep into every aspect of your business and plan your business growth strategy

We Will Boil Your Business Growth Strategy Down to These 5 Essential Components: 

During the two days together we will focus on the 5 essential areas of your business:  

  • Profit Path. We'll lay out your revenue streams, products, programs, and services that allow you to generate income and serve your target audience, while giving you an opportunity to create a line of profitable products and offers. We'll uncover any gaps in your existing profit path and identify any new product opportunities your ideal clients are waiting for.
  • Visibility Strategy. We'll map out your plan for getting in front of your ideal audience on a regular basis, where you'll position yourself as an expert on your topic and find a distinct way to stand out from other experts in your field.
  • Tribe-Building Strategy. No tribe, no business. Growing your own fan base and mailing list is critical to your success, and we'll map out your strategy for attracting ideal prospects to your business, and to keep them coming all year long. 
  • Conversion Strategy. Unless you plan a strategy to turn prospects into clients, you may find yourself struggling for cash flow next year. We'll identify the best ways for you to nurture and convert people in your tribe into paying customers and clients, so you know exactly what to focus your time and attention on.
  • Business Scaling Strategy. Systems, resources, skills, and big-picture vision you need to scale your business, while having a life, including any team members you may need to hire, tools you need to add to your business, and any skills you may need to focus on enhancing or mastering for maximum growth.  

No Travel, No Hassle: Attend This Unique Collaborative Business Planning Experience from the Comfort of Your Own Home 

This retreat requires NO TRAVEL and will be conducted over a Zoom platform using a special fun 2-day format with lots of creative self-exploration and support from me and the group.

  • Dates: January 3-4, 2019  
  • Time: 11am ET - 3pm ET (8am PT - 12pm PT) each day
  • Break: Each day we'll have two 90-minute sessions with a 1-hour break in between

If you are looking for a true deep dive into your business and want to uncover the biggest opportunities and experience a REAL TRANSFORMATION, this is a must-attend retreat for you!  

You’ll have the space, time, and support you need to design a profitable business plan for next year, so you can kick start it with total clarity and confidence!  

This retreat is typically delivered in person for $5000, but you're getting access to it for just $497

YES! Claim My Seat Now!

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Meet Your Retreat Host 

My name is Milana Leshinsky and over the last two decades I have built multiple 6 and 7-figure businesses.  

As an author of "Coaching Millions", creator of "Recurring Revenue Revolution", and the co-founder of the JV Insider Circle, I know exactly what it takes to create and implement a highly successful business strategy.  

I have also taught product launches, list-building, product creation, membership web sites, copywriting, online challenges, virtual summits, and other online marketing strategies to 100,000+ of coaches, experts, and entrepreneurs.  

Boiling it all down to the most important essentials, I use a unique "simplicity-based" approach, which allows you to grow your business with confidence and ease, and without feeling overwhelmed. That's what this 2-day virtual retreat is all about, and can't wait to guide you through my very cool transformational planning process with you!

Discover How to Play Bigger Next Year Without Giving Up Your Lifestyle or Peace of Mind  

I use "simplicity entrepreneurship" approach to business, which allows you to grow without feeling confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed.  

As a result of spending these two days with me and a group of growth-minded coaches and entrepreneurs, you will:  

  • Discover where it's best for YOU to focus your time, effort, and energy when it comes to growing your business. 
  • Look at what's worked and what hasn't, and what that means to crafting your next business growth strategy.
  • Get rid of chaos and clutter generated by the avalanche of advice and information 
  • Spark new ideas that may take your business to a new level and simplify everything to make it "doable" and exciting!  

And, we will bring it ALL into alignment with your ideal life and business VISION without overwhelm!  

"Milana has an amazing ability to see the essence of ANY issue and help you find quick solutions!"  

Milana really makes you really feel seen, heard and understood.  

She genuinely wants her clients to succeed! She asks the right questions and makes you truly believe that you can do it!  

For the first time since I started my business, I actually KNOW what I am doing. I know which next step to take. I have a plan. I have confidence. I am getting NEW clients into my business.  

I KNOW what I need to do. I am DOING IT! And I feel incredibly supported and safe.  

Milana cuts through the noise and she sees things differently. Working with her really brings back the enthusiasm and energy in my life, and I can feel how it affects my business in a big and inspiring way!  

Plus, it's rare when a multiple 7-figure entrepreneur chooses to mentor her students personally.  

- Jamie Siv Rognstad, Branding Archetype Coach, Retreat Participant

You Will Experience a Fresh & Creative Approach Different from Any Other Business Retreat You've Ever Attended  

I find that when it comes to working with business "gurus", everyone is focused on telling you what to do, what formula to follow, and what strategies to use to grow your business.  

This retreat is...  

  • NOT a workshop
  • NOT a training
  • NOT a group coaching program  

This is a unique and customized business growth experience that you will leave with confidence and peace of mind, not overwhelmed or anxious about your business.

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"Milana is one in a million!"  

Everyone else I've ever worked with wants me to reform my business as opposed to listen to what I do and help make it successful.  

Milana truly listens to her clients' unique situations and helps them understand options and create solutions that truly work. I consider her a mentor and a friend!"  

- Lynda-Ross Vega, Business Success Mentor, Exec Coach, Author, Speaker, Retreat Participant

"Brilliant Teacher!"  

"Milana's a brilliant teacher! She makes everything so simple, she clarifies all the mysteries! I always feel my excitement, enthusiasm and passion come back when she's teaching. She's very easy to follow in a way that makes sense!  

For the first time in my life I feel like I am ahead of the game and have everything I need to truly live the life and have the business I've always imagined.  

I am walking away from this retreat having absolute clarity to know what to say yes to, no to, and how everything fits into my business.  

I basically gave myself the gift of time and space to work on my business strategy with the support of a brilliant master coach. I am now going to do this on an annual basis."  

- Christine Kloser, Transformational Author Coach, Retreat Participant  

"One of the most prolific and innovative thinkers of our time!"

"I've known Milana since the early days of her now famous Telesummits and I'm here to tell you that she is one of the most prolific, innovative and forward-thinkers of our time!  

She provides you with tools and systems that can easily grow your profit margin. Milana is not only one of a kind as a business coach and individual, but an amazing class act!  

Milana's ideas are worth a million dollars, and one tip from her is PRICELESS!"  

- Ali Rodriguez, Business Coach to Medical Doctors, Entrepreneurs & Self-Employed, Retreat Participant

"Milana's focus on simplicity entrepreneurship keeps me grounded and moving forward with ease!"

She's so genuine (and fun) and keeps it so down to earth, with a focus on making business joyful and fun as well as profitable, when everyone else is focused on "the hustle" and revenue, resulting in getting burned out. Milana has a knack for zooming in on our challenges and spitting out some simple fix that you are not seeing yourself. She is a great teacher. She helps you cut the clutter and move forward at a faster pace by letting go of complexity and confusion. Milana has a way of saying or explaining something you heard a million times (but it never clicked) in a way that gets through and finally creates action! - Robyn Post, Money Coach and Writer  

Here's What You Will Get When You Join the "Get Your Year in Gear" Virtual Retreat 

You will receive an instant welcome email with your confirmation . About 2 weeks before the retreat you will also receive access to:  

  • The pre-retreat business assessment so you can start thinking about important decisions you'll be making during the retreat;
  • A link to our Zoom room, where the retreat will be livestreaming over the course of two days;
  • The schedule of the retreat so you can see exactly what your two days will look like.
  • The "Get Your Year in Gear Action Guide" we'll be following to make your experience simple and well-organized.

*To use PayPal Credit option, request a personalized link by emailing our team.

This virtual retreat is your opportunity to give yourself dedicated space and time to focus on your business, receive laser coaching from me personally, and to get unstuck by brainstorming with other entrepreneurs - all under the guidance and with the support of a nurturing and masterful facilitator.  

Hope to see you inside and help you get your year in gear! :)

P.S. Please keep in mind that space is limited and these retreats always fill up because of the high quality and high value experience I create for growth-minded business owners and entrepreneurs. If anything is holding you back from making your decision to sign up, simply send me an email.

 Who Will Benefit the Most from This Retreat  

If you are brand new to business, don't have niche clarity, have no products or services to sell, this retreat is probably not for you.  

However, if you know your niche and expertise, have paying customers or clients, and want to grow your current coaching, consulting, or information marketing business, you will find this 2-day experience a perfect fit for you!

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